One of the strongest points of Jiwar is its magnificent location and space. The building wherethe residence is settled is part of the heritage of the city of Barcelona, it is located in one beautiful pedestrian street.

At the backyard of the building a huge garden of 700 sqm creates an oasis of peace and freshness that engages in a creative contrast with the vibrant street side.

The Jiwar backyard garden is something very unusual in Barcelona. Besides its appropriates for meditation and concentration, it is often ideal for the various activities of the residents: meetings, readings, performances, rehearsals, exhibitions etc. especially given that the weather is fine nearly all year round. The first part of the garden is from Olokuti, the shop in the ground floor.

The biggest part of the garden is dedicated to work, meetings and presentations. It is fitted with long tables and chairs. It has a nice vegetable garden managed by the neighbourhood association ARAPDIS (part of project “L’Hort de la Vila”) who works with adults with mental illness.



The house was built in two phases, 1886 and 1909.  It stands out with its big volumes, its ergonomic design, its handicraft  coloured floor ceramics, its wood and glass windows. The residence apartment has a big balcony on the street and a 25 sqm charming gallery that looks onto the garden. The distribution of individual studios and common spaces are meant to allow residents to retreat and isolate or socialize with theirs co-residents.

The common spaces include a fully furnished living room, a kitchen with all the necessary appliances, a 25sqm gallery, which features the ideal atmosphere for relaxing thanks to the play of light projected on the walls through the handcrafted coloured glass windows, and a library- meeting room, which is ideal for conferences and all kinds of gatherings of up to 10 people, under a wonderfully decorated ceiling and the rays of light filtered in through the glass roof.

The private studio-rooms, named after great art personalities, are four: Mercè Rododera (about 23 sqm) with the name of one of the bigger XX century Catalan writers, Gentil (about 10sqm) with the name of the principal character in Jacint Verdaguer’s poem Canigó (1886, the year of the house construction) and also the character of Book of the Gentil and the Three Wise men (1274-1276) from Ramon Llull. Both studios, Gentil and Mercè Rodoreda, are open into the gallery in the garden side. The Llorens Artigas studio (about 25 sqm), the old chapel of the house, looks onto Asturies str. and is divided in two spaces, an art sudio and an alcove. It takes the name of one of the bigger Catalan ceramists. Artigas shares a bathroom with the Gentil room. The Antoni Tàpies Suite (about 45 sqm), also looking onto Asturies str. (both with soundproof protection) consists of an alcove, an art studio and a workshop. It has its own private bathroom with a window to the garden.

facilities provided: a/c, wifi, printing and audiovisual equipment