Jiwar Creation and Society has been founded By Ahmed Ghazali and Mireia Estrada Gelabert.

02fundadors_AhmedAHMED GHAZALI

Moroccan Canadian Ahmed Ghazali is an expert in cultural engineering. He has lived in Casablanca, Paris and Montreal, and since 2004, in Barcelona. He is the director of the company K.NOUR, dedicated to the design and construction of museums and exhibitions. He is also a playwright. His plays have been translated to several languages and widely staged in different countries. Among his plays are The Sheep and the Whale (Editions théâtrales, Paris, 2002) and Timbuktu 52 days on camel (Icaria, Barcelona, 2005). He is the award winner of SACD Prize 2002 for French written drama.


Born in Barcelona, Mireia Estrada has studied in Spain, France and Quebec (Canada), where she worked for a few years before returning to her home town. With a humanistic profile, she has a professional experience in cultural projects and plans related to immigration, integration and social inclusion in Catalonia, Spain, and Morocco.

Fascinated by the complexity and richness of the human phenomenon of immigration, both as a foreigner and as a Barcelona native, Mireia Estrada has forged a multifaceted view of the phenomenon in question that has been deepening and extending through the research of concrete actions. She considers herself an activist of interculturalism and the free circulation of people. Since 2005 she has developed a series of educational resources on the topic of mobility and has published about. In 2011, with the desire to live in a permanent state of spiritual mobility, and attentive to the need for dialogue between urban space and creativity, she founded Jiwar Creation and Society, which welcomes artists, designers and thinkers from around the world.