Geoffrey Gates is an Australian writer resident at Jiwar for the month of September 2017. He has
two published novels – A Ticket for Perpetual Locomotion (2005) and The Copyart Murders (2015).
Whilst at Jiwar, Geoffrey is working on his current project, entitled Province – a novel about a
fictitious Australian artist from the 1930s, who lives first in London, and then in Barcelona in the first
years of the civil war, where he makes contact with Catalan artists in the context of the times.
The project forms part of a Doctor of Creative Arts degree at Western Sydney University, and
Geoffrey’s exegesis for the study will take the form of a somewhat counterintuitive comparison
between Sydney and Barcelona as sites of provincial modernism, away from the main European
centres of art in the 30s. Geoffrey realises he has set himself some serious challenges and is looking
for all the help he can get! Please contact Jiwar if you think you can assist Geoffrey’s work on his
project by way of conversation over coffee, or walk around the Gracia district or further afield.