We are very glad to have had in our internship program at UIC Hanan Wakeem, Palestine.

She is a Palestinian Culture Manager, born in Me’ilya village in the Galilee, received a B.A degree in Communication, Journalism and Sociology from the Hebrew University.

She had worked as communication and educational programs coordinator for the Palestinian art Court- al Hoash Gallery in Jerusalem in the years 2008-2013, received the British Council’s Cultural Leadership International award in 2009, and went for an internship in Manchester UK.

For the past 10 years she has been working and assisting in promoting new and emerging Palestinian Movies, Theatre and Musicians, via organizing events, forums and concerts.

She is a singer, and she was a member of al-Awda band where she performed in national and international concerts. She also loves to paint and draw.

We want to thank her for her generosity, sense of responsibility and good work. We will miss We hope the best for her in her country, more than before far of the peace. Our solidarity. Thank you Hanan!