HANNA BAIDAKOVA, Belarussian visual artist


I’m a Belarussian who lives in Poland. I try myself as visual artist, photographer and illustrator.

I’ve made some urban projects , installations, performances, took part in exhibitions as graphic artist.

At this moment I’m a member of polish art group “Crossroads” where we try to expand borders of traditional art practics. We combine action paining with performing arts, experimental music.  Most of all I’m interested in social contest of art and its influence at urban space and people’s minds.

One of the projects I’ve made is called “Women’s streets”. It was made in Lublin in Poland where among 927 streets of the city only 18 have women’s name. More than half of which don’t exist as streets but as little pathes between trees, but they are still at the maps. Another project I have done was connected with light. There was a building with empty caves for a long period of time and the genesis of a project was to invite 6 artists and give one cave to each artist for transform it. The aim was to transform the space without bringing things and materials from outside. You could use only stuff wich was inside you cave and also could bring the light for make it visible. In my cave I had pieces of glass, so I’ve made installation of it with little blue lights illuminating the space.

At April I have made a mutual exhibition with another artist Maria Lesnikova, the name was “living abstraction”. We are both interested in abstraction forms of real things, such as biological cells or mold. When you look for the first time at the picture it’s seems to be a cmplete abstraction, but in fact it doesn’t.

My another passion is street photography, I like to capture interesting moments on the streets. Especially it’s inspiring in journeys when you touch another culture and atmosphere. I’m fascinating by different ways of live, by national culture. Last summer I took part in etnographic expedition to Belarussian viliges, where life is conservated st the beginning of XX century. We were collecting old songs, rites, crafts and listerning to people’s stories. There were a lot of magical origins in their belives and way of live.

I also draw, do sketches and sometimes publish my illustration works in magazines. I’m currently doing my Internship Erasmus+ in Jiwar.