Ioana Georgescu is an artist and novelist based in Montreal, Canada but was born in Bucharest, Romania. Her work is presented in North America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe in galleries, museums, city streets, ruins and on water. She holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with a dissertation on frames, framing and artistic space. She had taught in the past at McGill University cinema and cross-cultural /cross-disciplinary seminars and workshops. Her art projects incorporate performance, video-installation, drawing and photography. She has exhibited in Cairo at The Townhouse Gallery and has participated in Beijing’s Open Festival at 798 Art Zone. She was artist in residency at the Jogja National Museum and Performance Klub in Jogjakarta and at the Hangar Center of Visual Arts in Barcelona. She is the author of three novels written and published in French : Évanouissement à Shinjuku (2005), L’homme d’Asmara (2010) and La jetée, Elle s’appellera Mo (2013).

During the Jiwar short residency she will be focusing on text and image work for an art book entitled DUST. The residency project is called “the launch” (le lancement). It’s a clin d’oeil to a bookstore signing of a finite product. Here the meaning of launch is an anticipation, avant la lettre.

Also : starting a project and eventually making parts of the book jump from their frame, as some “pages” in progress might end-up projected on walls or in rooms, in the form of 2D or 3D installations.

Photo: Marc Serra Rocca, 2015, Barcelona