A Los Angeles native, Jack holds a B.A. in International Studies from The American College Of Switzerland and an M.F.A. from Otis College Of Art And Design.

My interest in male photographic imagery falls in line within the definition of “Masculism”. How men present themselves within our contemporary culture or in their natural environment: a tattoo convention, a gathering of Drag Queen or a Go Go Dancer working for a dollar. Any walk of life will do as my work takes me to places I ordinarily would not entertain.

Economic, political, popular culture and class norms all influence how one views oneself in relation to time and place and location. I explore male opinions, values, attitudes and habits. I let them do what they do. How men are seen in a snap shot, selfie or a formal studio portrait. What are the conscious or unconscious considerations at the point in time when I choose to push the button on the camera? My work is voyeristic but not exploitive… which leaves the perennial question of what is it to be a man now… I point to examples and place it on the viewer’s lap but leave it to the viewer to answer that question for themselves.

In my toolbox I use camp, irony, romanticism and humor in my attempt to convey my message within the work and in doing so I can hopefully persuade the viewer to remain and perhaps ponder a little about their place of the world and their relationship to it.

Even before I landed in Barcelona I pondered as to what kind of project I would be investigating. What would be waiting for me around the corner.  My work can sometimes take considerable planning and at other times it simply just falls on my lap.  I’m happy to say this one fell on my lap.  I think it’s the Barcelona way I suppose.

While visiting the current retrospective show at MACBA I quickly became aware that Barcelona has a substantial Skate Board Culture.  While inside the museum I stood over the massive courtyard from the second floor and watched the goings on of these boarders for a good forty-five minutes.  My wheels were spinning and my index finger was ready to click.

I watched how they navigate around each other while executing their jumps, flips and turns.  They stumble, fall and repeat so they can perfect the particular move they are attempting to execute. How they maneuver around other boarders in order to get their move completed  I also observed their relationship to each other with keen interest. In my work it’s not about a particular activity but that glue that brings men together in this case it’s the skateboard that’s the focus.

Some are locals while others are visitors.  Some have better skill levels than others but in this skate board culture, in front of the museum, it appears all are welcome to pursue the love of their sport without interruption, commentary or judgement from anyone.

Website: https://www.jacktillotson.art