Josefina Rozenwasser, artist in residence

Josefina Rozenwasser is a Singer and Composer born in 1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has toured Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, the United States, China and Korea.

In 2016, she did an artistic residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel (Shanghai, China), where she completed the first album of her project CAUCES, which fuses poems from East Asia with experimental music.

Josefina is part of the Latin American music band Tía Juanita, where she works as composer, bandoneonist and lead singer.  She is currently writing music for several audiovisual projects and contemporary dance plays.

While her stay in Jiwar, she will carry out her Project SOMOS which consists in putting to music poems written by female poets with gender perspective.

The essence of SOMOS is to fuse these poets with Latin American rhythms, not only traditional ones, but also experimental contemporary rhythms, using traditional instruments and electronic elements.

SOMOS will gather material from acclaimed poets as well as poems written by emerging artists worldwide, produced in different times, trying in this way to listen to different voices and scenarios.

Instagram: /josefinarozen/