My name is Laura Marconi. I’m a visual artist form Rome, Italy, residing in Philadelphia, USA, where I studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

For the past few years I have been working on my view as an emigrant throughout my paintings and drawings. Mostly looking at reflections, this subject is an extra- deep entrance into visual perception, eye assumptions, and ways of seeings. All is reflected, so the theme is profound. The assumptions of inherently existing things is meaningful for me to question.

I have also drawn my artwork inside a circle, to symbolize my looking “in” into a  different world from where I originally came from,  I’m still looking in, or out, still finding myself, a home, my roots. I’m an observer, always eager to learn new things, new cultures, new people. Finding our commonalities, our differences, and the way to reach each other.

This circle is also a metaphor for dealing with time, and aging, a “circle of life”. I have been to several residencies in  Iceland, this time I wanted to shake things up going into an urban environment, to learn a bit about Spain and Catalonia having some Spanish ancestry myself, to explore the city and its museums, and to dance Argentinian Tango in Barcelona.

My time here is almost over, one month is never enough especially if it is a first time in a new environment. I came with some ideas about what I might do but I have learned from previous experiences at those residencies that the place usually will direct you with your work.

The first few days I was in owed by everything, my neighborhood, Gracia, is like a village with its many squares full of children, people just enjoying each other’s company. Its streets reminded me of Trastevere in Rome, so narrows, intertwined, and full of characters. Close by the “real” city with large avenues, shops, and hordes of tourists roaming around.













Looking out my window one day I spotted a reflection of buildings, so I started painting.

I have been using acrylic colors, and my circle is now a rectangle, I have a small board around those paintings, two are just open reflections, four are trapped inside their windows.