The literary activist Sylvia Arthur presents her project Libreria

One Library in Accra (Ghana)

Thursday, the 22th of February 7 p.m.

Biblioteca Vila de Gràcia

Torrent de l’Olla, 104 (BCN)

Presentation in English with translation into Catalan

Jiwar books donation to Libreria

“I started Libreria because I want Ghanaians to have access to the kind of books I have easy access to – high-quality, contemporary fiction and nonfiction. Contrary to popular belief, we have libraries and bookstores in Ghana, but they’re expensive and not everyone can afford to buy those books, which means readers are left with mass-market commercial fiction and charitable donations from the West, which is problematic in itself. Libreria is a subscription model library, which means that members pay a small fee to borrow books. “This is to ensure sustainability and to cover the cost of buying new books to keep the library up to date, and replacing those books that will inevitably go missing.”

The talk will explain what Sylvia thinks about libraries in general, how they can play an important role in Africa, potentially tackling important and pressing social issues like irregular migration and gender equality. The event would be a great antidote to US President Trump’s widely reported remarks about “shithole countries” and would show a different side to Africa that’s rarely reported in the media.

Sylvia Arthur is a British performer, writer and political activist from Ghana parents.

“I aim to document society’s multiple realities through the written word and, through the continual practice of this art, to produce well-crafted stories that unsettle the reader by challenging their assumptions and the dominant narrative. I strive to tell true stories of individuals and events that would otherwise be untold in a creative and artistically engaging way. It is my hope that the ultimate outcome of this approach is that the audience is both entertained and enlightened, stirred to think and act in ways they would not have prior to encountering my work.”

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