Deadline: 15th of August 2015

Resolution: 30th of August 2015

Date for residency project: 10th of November-23th of December 2015

Dates of the project Exhibition: December 22 – January 7th



The «Making Neighbourhood» project is a collaborative reflection on the ways of inhabiting and being in a city. It is an ongoing dialogue with, and an exploration of, neighbourhood philosophy, understood as a privileged and necessary space, lived and created through peer interaction.

Jiwar invites artists from all disciplines (visual and media arts, performance arts, writing, photography, architecture, etc.) and research areas (anthropology, sociology, urban studies, etc.) to take part in the third edition of Making Neighbourhood. Placing an emphasis on the potential participatory creative processes, our goal will be to explore neighbourhood relations.

Curated by Thomas Strickland and Mireia Estrada, the third edition of Making neighbourhood focuses on the varied conceptions and lived experiences of HOME.


The concept of home brings up multiple and competing myths, experiences and feelings. Inclusion and exclusion, safety and fear, national and foreigner, are just a few of the ways home functions as a social place and geopolitical concept. Home, is at the same time material and transitory, moving across national boundaries, cultural formations and social processes. Home is a deeply established presence, yet the migration of people and ideas affects and reforms this powerful concept, revealing that there is no simple definition of home.


The third edition of the Making Neighbourhood (Home) residency is open to artists and researchers of legal age interested in contributing, through creative research projects, to an in-depth reflection on Home. This edition will be an important contribution to understandings of neighbourhood as a necessary and positive value in the dynamics of the city.

Value will be placed on submissions that emphasize:

  • Experience in creative research within communities (participative process)
  • An interest in working collaboratively (group work)
  • Ability to work in both English and Spanish (or the language of a group the resident proposes to work with)


Proposals should address one or more of HOME’s three themes listed below:

Geopolitical/Geopolític/Geopolítico/جيوسياسي is concerned with home in the midst of conflict, forced migration, and/or internal displacment. Projects might address the loss or destruction of home, home as a place of protection or fear, or the forced eviction from, or forced containment within, home or homeland.

Social/Social/Social/ إجتماعي wonders about experiences of home. Projects might focus on the temporality of home; how ideas and practices of home are translated from place to place, nation to nation; how home is shared; no home (evictions); home as a city, a country, or a network of friends.

Symbolic/Simbòlic/Simbólico/رمزي is interested in the feelings and myths inspired by home. Projects might consider the emotional attachment to home, connection to one’s place of birth, or the ways in which home, in form or function, permeates beliefs and ideology.

How to apply:

Required Documents and Expectations have to be sended to

  1. CV of the artist/researcher.
  2. Samples of recent work.
    • Artists should provide 7 – 10 images with short descriptions in pdf format; for video formats please provide a link to a website.
    • Researchers should provide 2 social writing samples, 10 pages max. in pdf. format.
  1. A letter of introduction explaining the applicants’ interest in the HOME residency and a description of the proposed project and expected outcome(s).

The finalist submissions will be peer-reviewed. Three project proposals will be chosen for the residency; one local artist-documentalist, and two international artists/researchers.

The outcome of the projects will be presented and exhibited in public spaces throughout the city of Barcelona.


Funding for the resident artists/researchers will be distributed as follows:

  • Full funding for one artist/researcher – 100% of the residency fees will be covered by this scholarship. Preference will be given to an individual living and working in an emergent country (resident will responsible for thier own food costs and the cost of travel to Barcelona).
  • Partial funding for one artist/researcher – 60% of the residency fees will be covered by this scholarship (resident will responsible 40% of residency fees as well as thier own food costs and the cost of travel to Barcelona – refer to Jiwar website section, How to Apply, for residency fees).
  • Funding for local artist  – One Local artist-documentarian living in Spain will receive a 500€ artist fee.
  • Funding for production – The residency will cover the production costs of all three artists to a maximum of 300€.


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