Exhibition of the Mediterranean artists’ collection of Jiwar in Valencia 

Opening of the exhibition the 4th October 2018 with Emili Payà (Octubre CCC director), Chene Gómez (CREART founder), Mireia Estrada (Jiwar co-founder and director), Maite Ibáñez (Mostra Viva)

The works that you will see in this exhibition and its contexts of creation deeply mark our identity as a project rooted in a neighborhood, a city and a region, the Mediterranean, our home.

The collaboration that, since 2012, we have with the South African foundation Africa Center, which has allowed us to welcome, among others, the Egyptian-Sudanese artist Amado Alfadni, as well as our project Making Neighborhood, through which we have got to know the talent of the photographer Elif Gülen, or as the Xabaca project, they all have traced a path of collaborations, discoveries and round trips that have nourished us intellectually and humanly and that we will never stop sharing.

This convulsed Mediterranean of ours that challenges us shamelessly, because we are brothers and sisters of every Fatima, Elif, Farah, Amado, Mehdi, Yassine, beats intensely brimming with talents and dreams. Jiwar’s commitment to welcome and give space to artists and to get to know in another way, from the intimate imaginings of its creators, the complexity of societies that are so close but at the same time so stereotyped and reduced to mere clichés, is essential to keep being who we are. We deeply appreciate the Mostra Viva’s opportunity to share this precious legacy.

Centre Octubre de Cultura Contemporània (Valencia)

Mostra Viva del Mediterrani (4-28th October)

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