“I believe the music is a life itself, often unpredictable and surprising, and I try to let it breath and discover its own course.  For me, the sound, often people call it “music” is an art which transcend us as human beings, bringing universal and ageless connection and understanding through the physical and emotional response through vibration of the air and its communal experiences.  The sound reveals who we truly are, and creating music is  a most humble experience of sharing of who I am, with all the flaws, pains and wonders.  It is a process of living our lives itself, and I hope to connect with people beyond our cultural, linguistic and artistic boundaries through the music.

Throughout my life, music gave me the ways to break through the walls of my surroundings and eyes to envision the possibility often found impossible.  My music is not about the greatness nor creating surprises but rather simply reflecting the stories of what I am experiencing each moments, and our lives which often is unpredictable.  I see myself as a translator of the world surround us, creating bridges between cultural and individual differences, and hopefully giving all of us the hope to live and to be courageous searching and accepting who we truly are.”