Natalie Craig is a visual artist from the US living in Northern California. Her imagery is based in her observation and interpretation of everyday landscapes. The work integrates the marks of the outer/environmental imprints with the inner/personal, landscape. The compositions seek to express perspectives on the shared intensity of communal space with the delicacy of the human spirit. Her expressionistic paintings and collage works are created in mixed media – including oils, pastels, inks, graphite, paper, and digital collage on paper.

While at Jiwar, Natalie will complete the narrative presentation and mixed media series she will present at Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu, Romania, in June of 2019, as part of the symposium “A Discourse on Blood,” a symposium focusing on blood related themes. Her series “We All Bleed” addresses the commonality we all have – we bleed. Her project explores just a few of the ways our collective conditions taint perspectives. Natalie is utilizing the collage format for this series as a means to create an expressive story. The base images have been built digitally with her photographs, and have been printed onto rag paper. At Jiwar she will draw and paint back into each piece to enhance the image.

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