MARCH: Making balance and progress


NOVEMBER: Xabaca and more

OCTOBER: Mediterranean and further

SEPTEMBER: Activities and feeling

MAY: Possible and impossible stories

APRIL: April is writing

FEBRUARY: February burns


NOVEMBER: In the world

JUNE: Making neighbourhood_5

APRIL: Writing


FEBRUARY: Open Studio

 JANUARY: Projects and open calls



NOVEMBER: Mobility

OCTOBER: Five years. We have lost innocence.

AUGUST: Hot August, open studio of summer

JULY: Making neighborhood open call

JUNE: Open studio

MAY: Tamrat Gezahegne

APRIL: April is public installation, writing and performance

1st MARCH: World

2nd MARCH: Open studio 30th of March

FEBRUARY: Listen to the forbidden ones

JANUARY: Open studio (writing, music and visual arts) 


DECEMBER: Excavating the home

1st NOVEMBER: Collaboration 

2nd NOVEMBER: Build 

OCTOBER: Reminder open studio 

SEPTEMBER: So much to do

AUGUST: Open for holidays

JULY: Summer is neighborhood

1st JUNE: Activities, Literary June

2nd JUNE: Solstice in Jiwar

MAY: Potato as a metaphor

APRIL: Projects and prizes

MARCH: March is Afghanistan 

FEBRUARY: Intense February


1st NOVEMBER: Wild puppet workshop and Making neighborhood

2nd NOVEMBER: Making neighborhood

OCTOBER: October in Jiwar

AUGUST: Open studio Terada-Babin-Landry-Becheanu-Dubé

JULY: We say Goodbye to July! 

1st JUNE: June proposals

2nd JUNE: Caroline Voagen date change

3rd JUNE: Open call “Making neighborhood”

4th JUNE: July in Jiwar 

1st MAY: The common pot in Jiwar 

2nd MAY: Poetry exchange 

1st APRIL: Activities

2nd APRIL: Writers in residence reading 

3rd APRIL: The exhibition “Making neighborhood” in the Avinyó space

1st MARCH: Activities 

2nd MARCH: Neighborhood, participation and social cohesion

3rd MARCH: Europe territory: Identity, participation, narration

JANUARY: Performance of Matriarca Pavelhovna


1st NOVEMBER: Experiences of coexistence in the South Africa of the post-apartheid 

2nd NOVEMBER: Public presentation of “Making neighborhood”

3rd NOVEMBER: Inauguration of the exhibition “Making neighborhood” 

1st OCTOBER: Extracts reading of “The ABCs, LOLs, and WTFs of Romance” a novel by Aly Owen

2nd OCTOBER: Presentation. Photography as a way of social transformation.

3rd OCTOBER: Presentation of the book “3052” by Mamadou Dia

1st JULY: Open studio Min Wong

2nd JULY: Seen, video presentation of work duo Clark-Beaumont

JUNE: Making neighbourhood. Open call. 50% of stay fees covered.