Be involved in the most important summer festivity in our Barcelona neighborhood: Festes de Gràcia





Carrers Mozart, Verdi, Fraternitat de Dalt i Plaça de la Vila. Festes 2013


Application deadline: 15 February 2014

When the residence starts: 15 July 2014

When the residence ends: 22 August 2014


The “Festa Major de Gràcia” is the most prestigious popular celebration of Barcelona in summer time. It dates back to early 19th and have acquired an international reputation for its high artistic and social quality. The star event of the celebration is no doubt the street and balcony decoration contest where around more than 18 streets and 30 balconies get decorated and compete for the prestigious Awards granted by the Festa Major Foundation. The decoration is 3D set that use recycled material and innovating concepts.


Known for high artistic quality the artistic and the creative asp, there is a strong social sense in it. The inhabitants of every streets work together most time the year to achieve the decoration starting the project in winter time. During the period of the festivity (from the 15th of August to the 22th of August) more than 1.500.000 visitants look over the streets, squares and balconies.


Painters, sculptors, designers, scenography makers, craft makers, performers, land art, video and film makers, etc. Participants are expected to have experience or willing to experiment open door art work. Selected artists will have to work in team and with local communities.


Being a platform for urban creativity Jiwar contributes to the “Festa Major” by hosting artists from different countries and different disciplines. The artists will be assigned two spaces for decoration:

– Residence balcony on Asturies street (balcony 10m wide and 4m high), one of the most important and beautiful pedestrian street of Gràcia.

– Jiwar garden up to 300 sqm are available to host artistic contents.

The group will discuss brainstorming to decide actions, tasks and spaces assignments.

The production workshops are open to public. Jiwar will work with other institutions to participate in the artists proposals.

Artists who are interested can also collaborate in some street design with neighbourds.

Selected artists participate to the cost of the project. Jiwar can’t offer any grant to artists.  


Even if the recycling is the main point of sets, Jiwar will cover the costs of materials.

For the period of the project (38 days) the stay fees in Jiwar are from 1.048€ (Gentil room and attic shared) to 1.592€ (Suite Antoni Tàpies). Rodoreda’s and Artiga’s room 1.417€ (See all rooms in our website “Espaces”).


Applications are to be sent by e-mail to in English, Spanish, French or Arabic.

They must include the following items:

1. The period of your stay (we will give preference to the artist that come from the 15 of July to the 22th of August)

2. A CV and, if possible, a press dossier.

3. A sample of recent work that is most representative of the artist’s style and philosophy.

4. A short statement of purpose or a motivation letter to be part of the project.

5. Languages spoken

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