“Making neighbourhood” second edition.


A collaborative and creative reflection on the ways of inhabiting and being in the city of Barcelona

Entrellaçades: teixint coneixement, desteixint prejudicis

Jiwar invites artists from all disciplines and researchers (anthropologists, sociologists, architects, etc.) to take part in the second edition of “Making Neighbourhood” project. The call is open for professionals of all disciplines who want to reflect on neighborhood relations, preferably from participatory creative processes.

Jiwar will exam the proposal and choose four project one by local proposal and three international proposals that will be granted.

The artists will work together in the same time from the 1st of November to the 14th of December 2014. The outcome of the projects will be presented and exhibited in public spaces in the city of Barcelona. A final exhibition will be presented in a public space relating the process and the results.


Artists and researchers of legal age in all disciplines (video, performance, music, visual arts, writing, etc.) and researchers (anthropologists, sociologists, architects, educators…) interested in contributing through their creative research to a deeper reflection on the neighbourhood as a necessary and positive value in the dynamics related to the city.

It will be valued:

  •        Experience in creative research within communities (participation).
  •        Availability and interest to work with people from other disciplines and to be involved in a group work.
  •        Spoken English and Spanish.

Required Documents:
A request form with the CV of the artist (short format), an example of recent work, a motivation letter and the project proposal itself. Languages spoken.


This project has

– Two scholarships with a discount of 50% of Jiwar’s residence costs (no meals included).

– Full scholarship for one artist living and working in an emergent country (no meals included, no travel).

– A salary for the local artist.

– Jiwar will cover the most part of the production expenses.


Send your applications to info@jiwarbarcelona.com until the 15th of July

Public deliberation the 21st of July.

This project is possible thanks to the support of the city of Barcelona