13041172_1110801645665078_8032164055121301941_o                       Credits: Mireia Estrada G.

 Tuesday, the 26th of April


Jiwar space. C. Astúries 36, Pral.

Contribution: 2€

The gourmet store Le Regioni d’Italia will offer wine and a taste at the end of the evening.

Che Yeun, Anne Hayden and Tommaso Merlo will present their work as writers in residency in Jiwar. All texts are in English. Lucia Pinzani, as a part of Jiwar staff, will also present her music and texts (Italian).

Che Yeun is working on a collection of short stories that explore deviance and belonging in contemporary Asia. Her publications can be found at

Anne Hayden is a writer from Cork, Ireland, her short fiction has been published in Incubator magazine and the Irish Times where she has been shortlisted for a Hennessy New Irish Writing award. She is taking a short career break from her job as a newspaper subeditor and will spend her time at Jiwar working on a collection of short stories.

Tommaso Merlo was born in Italy on June 1973. He writes Pulp Novel. Pulp is a style that doesn’t care about manners, but is direct and spontaneous. It is life in its rawness and truth. Pulp likes smiling and keep its feet on planet Earth.
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