I am a graphic designer, visual artist, illustrator and advertising copywriter.

I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and consultant in communication for almost 4 years, after a long experience as Artistic Director in an advertising agency.

I was born in Paris, grew up in the Basque Country and I’ve lived in Bordeaux for 17 years.

I wanted to join the residency to pursue a book that is particularly dear to my heart: the production of an illustrated book about a mental illness I am suffering from: manic depression; more commonly called “bipolarity”.
The popularized term “bipolar” has certainly sensitized collective awareness but the underlying mechanisms and serious “manic” disorders are still quite unknown.

I was diagnosed as a result of my first manic crisis (the most terrible of them all) on the eve of my 21 years. I was in a psychiatric hospital and since then have had to pick myself up and learn to live with this disease.

The purpose of this book is to immerse the reader in my mind during these so special and really dangerous states. I wish to describe them as precisely as possible.

But therefore, what is “madness”? What is really going on in the patient’s mind? How one may drift? How to prevent oneself against it?  There is also the acceptance of oneself, the esteem one feels for oneself and the way one may look at his/her own life.

Illustrator since my earliest childhood, I wish to punctuate this book with drawings and illustrations in order to depict these so troubled states and phases.

The wonderful setting of this residence, the kindness of its owner Mireia and her right-hand Adrià and my roommates and artists Ana, Nathalie, Jack and Scott have allowed this dive into myself with confidence and in serenity.

A huge thank you to all them.
To be continued…