Cover of the author’s last book


RACHEL CANTOR is the author of the novels Good on Paper (Melville House 2016) and A Highly Unlikely Scenario (Melville House 2014). Two dozen of her short stories have appeared in literary magazines, anthologies, and prize collections in the U.S. and the U.K. She has been awarded numerous fellowships, including at artists’ residencies in Belgium, Germany, Scotland, and Spain. At Jiwar, she is writing the very first pages of a new novel, thanks to the gracious and much appreciated support of Institut Ramon Llull and the Han Nefkens Foundation in Barcelona, and Art Omi: Writers in the U.S.

While she is at Jiwar, she is very much looking forward to her conversation at CCCB with renowned author, composer, and singer Joan Miquel Oliver about dystopias as narrative material. In doing so, she will draw from her first novel, A Highly Unlikely Scenario, in which Jacobites, Dadaists, Pythagoreans, and other ideologues seek converts and eventually social domination through proprietary fast-food chains. Rachel Cantor was born in Connecticut, U.S.A., grew up in Rome, and lives now in Brooklyn, where she is always at work on another book.