Sarada Rauch



Sarada Rauch is an artist, poet and musician born in Los Angeles and based in Brooklyn. Her work reenacts popular media and intimate memory, collapsing them into each other to explore the construction of histories and Otherness.

How are histories constructed, hidden, stolen and embraced? Sarada’s own background is a microcosm of this question and central to her work. She is a mix of third wave immigrant, indigenous and nomadic people, raised within a traditional religious Bengali community on the eastside of Los Angeles, with a mixed extended family. Yet Sarada looks like a pilgrim, and is granted the privilege it brings. The only shows she was allowed to watch on television were Star Trek, the Muppets and the PBS NewsHour. Growing up, Sarada looked much different than her cultural backgrounds, and the people she looked like were totally foreign to her. To join conversations, she replicated social cues and pop-culture references based on hearsay. Sarada’s work continues the practice of watching from a distance, and reenacting popular media as a way to understand the world she feels at odds with.

Mimicking the vintage science-fiction and puppetry she grew up on, her work is secretly high-tech hiding within a low-tech aesthetic. Digital things look handmade, and the handmade becomes digital. After creating miniature environments and sculptures, they are inserted into the digital world using 2D and 3D animation, video and performance. Sarada creates her sound from a mix of live instruments, homemade instruments, electronic musical instruments and found audio.

Sarada exhibits and performs internationally in spaces such as The Drawing Center, New York; Hessel Museum of Art, Hudson; RH+ Gallery, Istanbul; Museum of Contemporary Art, Miami; Central St. Martins, London; La Conservera Center of Contemporary Art, Cueti; RISD Museum, Providence; among others. Some of the artist residencies she has participated in include Open Sessions at the Drawing Center, New York; The LMCC Swing Space, New York; Greatmore Studios/Triangle Network, Cape Town; and she received the BBK Saxony Fellowship in Leipzig. Sarada was a co-director of Heliopolis Gallery in Brooklyn, and is a co-creator of the podcast called Around About. She is an Assistant Professor of New Media and Technology at LaGuardia Community College, CUNY.