The Gracia district is well known for its dynamism, its active social and political life and its rich and diverse pattern of cultural, social, artistic or athletic associations and institutions. In the beginning, Gracia was a small farm region, but, by the 19th century it had gone under an extraordinary transformation into a village of artisans, workers and merchants. Today, the district imposes itself as a cultural reference and attracts artists and intellectuals from all over the world.  Its cultural contribution is wide and diverse through numerous institutions such as: Lliure theatreTeatreneu, Sala Becket, Caldera, CAT or the movie theater Verdi  and through important events and celebrations such as Festival LEM, Festa Major de Gràcia  i Sant Medir etc. Furthermore, Gracia is a destination for gastronomy and night life lovers in Barcelona.

Jiwar considers the collaboration with the associations of Gracia and Barcelona, be it occasional or permanent, as vital. Some important partners that take part in our activities are: Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia, El Cercle, IES Vila de Gràcia, Biblioteca Jaume Fuster, Biblioteca de la Vila de Gràcia, Espai Jove la Fontana, etc.  Our activities and events are open to the public in our district as well as Barcelona. Our residents are invited to share their creative research with the public in whatever form is convenient: workshop, temporary exhibition, performance, reading, round table, open rehearsal etc. within our facilities (outdoor in garden or indoor in studios) or within the facilities of our partners (theatres, cultural centres, libraries, Radio studio, etc. )

During its first year of life some residents of Jiwar used the streets and squares of Gracia for their performances and experimentations. (see  ACTIVITIES JOANNA FOSTER + VIOLETA OSPINA) “400 asociaciones animan la vida ciudadana de Gràcia