Sondos Shabayek is the Director of The BuSSy project: a performing arts project that documents gender based stories and presents them on stage. She is also the Founder & Director of Tahrir Monologues (a performance of true stories from Egypt’s revolution).

She wrote and directed award winning ‘Girl’ a short film about harassment in Cairo. She also wrote and directed ‘I am not my veil’ a short self portrait video about the conflicting reactions of the Egyptian society towards the veil, and  ‘Oh fear’ a short self portrait video about inner fears. 

Prior to her work in theater and film, she studied Mass communication and broadcasting. And she worked for more than 6 years as journalist and editor. Her journalistic work focused on exploring, exposing & discussing social taboos in Egyptian society. 

Sondos is at Barcelona after being selected for the second edition of the Xabaca project, organised by NovAct, Fundación Al-Fanar and Jiwar.

You can see HERE a short interview on Catalan TV3.