Collective exhibition

Centre cívic Ateneu Fort Pienc


From 7th to 10th December

Opening 6th November 19.30h

Guided visit 19th November 19.30h

Mondays – Fridays 10h-20h

Saturdays 10h14h and 16h-20h

Address: pl. Fort Pienc 4-5

Jiwar has developed, over its 7 years of existence, an international artists’ residency program, from which artists from all over the world have been welcomed and accompanied. It has been a priority to welcome people from non-Western imaginary, artists who work from other paradigms and cultural references. Giving them a place at Jiwar has been a priority to nurture our own project. Tired of the strident Anglo-Saxon colonization to which we are peacefully subjected, as well as of narcissism and self-reference, these artists have allowed us to glimpse other contexts of creation, sensibilities and landscapes.

We have attempted to influence the specificity of each artist and the production context of the works presented, most of which are due to projects curated by Jiwar, such as “Making neighborhood” (5 editions), “Xabaca” (2 editions, with the partnership of NovAct and Fundación al Fanar) and the AIR program in partnership with the South African organization Africa Centro (5 editions). In any case, we are grateful for being able to share their work, which we hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Artists: Collin Sekajugo, Mina Nasr, Fatima Mortada, Amado Alfadni, Deema Shahin, Farah Ben Mansour, Sadik Haddari, Mehdi Harzallah, Yassine Gaidi, Ng’endo Mukii, Elif Gülen, Matías Factorovich.