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Two years ago, I was here, in Barcelona, newly in love and wanting to explore a road I have been wanting to unveil for the longest time, make new friends and form new ideas and create honest work that speaks of my thirst and hunger for humanity and love…they were the most exciting 6 weeks, I learned about and met new people and produced original work and celebrated a home Christmas eve  party (with Mireia’s beautiful family) in the most compressed period that can ever be imagined.

I kick-started “Home is Where Mom is” with JIWAR Home 3rd edition artist residency and exhibition in 2015, ever since, the idea traveled to Fayoum/Egypt with Fayoum Art Academy, to Malta/Gozo with Valletta 2018 Foundation in 2016 and 2017 and will be hosted by Taipei Artist Village/Taiwan in 2018. Barcelona and JIWAR will forever stay in my heart, for the beautiful people I met, the stories I exchanged with complete strangers that remained so, the friends I made, and the love I lived at that period of which I will cherish the memory for so long.

I go back to my “Barcelona” external hard disk drive, look at the different photos I produced of the time and space, and the one that I can now in my so called “Future” that is denoted in relation to the “Past” of 2015 is this


بصحة الماضي
بصحة المستقبل
بصحة الذكريات
المؤلمة منها والتي تدعو للحياة
مع حبي الصادق لبرشلونة


Deema Shahin



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