I am in an intense relationship with my work in the Himalayan village and at times it becomes absolutely imperative to breathe away from it. Exiles are not easy to get into. Questions find their way to you, but you are dealing with those with a different side of the prism, from the precious distance. Answers are less illusive if you put yourself under the scanner and try look at the bigger picture. Better still, let yourself flow, nobody is watching: Come on, this is one chance to do your dance. Indulge yourself in the wild jungle of words, thoughts, and emotions, lose your way, forget the editor within, bask in the freedom of being an author!

A neighborhood of 4 continents and a whole spectrum of cultures gradually unfolding through conversations is the world I am living in Jiwar a. k. a.’Familia Estrada’ created by Mireia with her unique sensitivity and lionheartedness! So heartening to see that ‘Discovering oneself’ seems to be a polyphonic need here, though each of us is on a journey of their own. Barcelona is one wildly musical, brightly colourful woman, the Mediterranean in her hair, and mountains just a call away, you are so lucky to have found her. Just let her happen to you!!

I have also found a perfect buddy here: Pelute, he remains the most loved person here, and he sure knows that!



Arundhati Desothale

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