“Searching for the light”, Kateryna Bortsova


As an artist in residence at Jiwar, I worked on my project “Searching for the light”. This series includes images of churches Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, etc. The outstanding monuments of the sacred architecture of Barcelona (especially La Sagrada Familia) become a new stage in the development of my project.

The notion of “light” has many meanings. That is why as main object were chosen the interiors and exteriors of different churches. Because there are two aspects of the notion of “light” crossed – spiritual and material. The concept of light in its various hypostases can also be seen as protection. By this project artist want to find answers to the questions: What is light? What does the notion “light” mean for everyone? How does each person represent “light” for himself? …

Throughout the whole life a talented person shall pass a difficult and even a suffering way which may be related either to external events or to comprehension of the individual self. An artist creates its own image of the world and therefore it correlates its imaginations with the common laws of universe. We know that each way shall lead to the temple but the temple may be erected inside the human’s soul.


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