It is 3am

night drawing

I walk back and forth in the darkness of the Jiwar apartment. The moon glows silver behind red, green and blue stains of glass. I drink water in the quiet of the night, and try to imagine what lays behind the bright windows where other people also cannot¬† sleep. May be they watch tv, read a book, make love, or perhaps stare at the walls, maybe they are weeping…. I want to weep….. I don’t know what they are doing, but I know that they are there.
So I draw what I see of them in the dark; warm and cold glows shaped rectangular by the frames of their windows.
The clouds waft behind the building brightening the night sky. The stars shimmer as if shivering in the cold of the universe.
My left hand traces across the surface if the page, back and forth. The concentration of it lulls me.
It is 4 am, and I am falling asleep.


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