Wolfe Girardin Jodoin is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Montreal, Canada. He graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016. In 2017, he did a 3-month artist residency at Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives in Australia and he had his first solo exhibit at Black Cat Gallery, Melbourne.
His most recent work has been adressing psychosocial issues that stem from contemporary modes of telecommunications. While in Australia he developed a series of 20 large-scale charcoal drawings on paper, entitled #Ubiquity, depicting Snapchat and Instagram story screenshots.
During his artist residency at Jiwar, he has been recording and producing spoken word poetry and experimental music (based on local field recordings) which expands on the theme of digital communication. His style of lyricism and delivery is inspired by poets and rappers who use humour, patterns of intonation, contemporary slang and complex wordplay to lay out social critique and portray the means in which youth culture navigate interpersonally. His subject matter is often autobiographical with an attention to how the personal can reflect larger sociopolitical issues:
“My concern with Internet/SMS communication started with a reflection on my own relationship to my phone, seeing as on any given day I find myself passively scrolling its glass surface, refreshing feeds, losing track of time, ignoring my painful posture, tired eyes and brimming bladder. Like many of us, I turn to my device to connect with distant friends, to be updated on current events, to be inspired, or simply check it out of impulse, and more often than not I wind up feeling lonely, anxious, stressed and/or disappointed in myself for my lack of discipline. I find that my intermittent co-presence to both my immediate environment and virtual realm – being neither here nor there – is problematic. The adoption of the smartphone into my peers and I’s everyday life has been rapid and seamless; in many ways it has become an extension of ourselves. The omnipresence of these devices, combined with the limited research on their psychosocial effects, have motivated me to examine this phenomenon through my artistic practice.”
Wolfe was awarded a “Research, creation and exploration in Multidisciplinary arts” grant from The Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec for his artist residency at Jiwar. In addition to drawing and music, Wolfe is also a painter, muralist and film maker.