I am a painter from Colorado and draw much inspiration from patterns from memories.  I am very interested in the interaction of patterns from my life with the natural pattern of the wood. These elements express how people become themselves from the pressures enveloping us.

These patterns are painted or burned into wood panels and come from numerous places, as does the wood itself. Some come from the cold, tile floor my foot touches every morning in Gracia, the flowered curtains which distort the view of a small Romanian town, the feather of a costume created and worn with a friend, an old scar of an old love, a piece of lace given as a gift to a sister far away, a painting on a wall I gaze at while we talk of our loves, our difficulties and our family with a glass of wine. Some are the pattern of light shining through an object or the shadow of tangled branches on the hard earth I see while walking, while thinking, while living. These patterns are arranged spontaneously, intuitively, not knowing what shape should go next to what, except that it seems like it should. Similar to the way life is arranged, one thing somehow influences the next thing, until our lives are written like a book and the people and places inside become a permanent part of the story. In this way the painting becomes it’s own entity. Each thing, place, person, which has shaped our bodies and souls; do not leave us without strength, without memory, without depth, without scars.