Projects going on and on

  1. Art 21 magazine. Alchemy of Inspiration: Translating a City Back to Itself article at the international contemporary art magazine Art21 about the project Making neighborhood, published on February 2014 by the resident artist Jessica Lott
  2. The Postcolonialist. Vecinos. Neighbours. Film Review: “Home is the planet, don’t accept anything else” film review at the internacional media The Postcolonialist of the video Veïns. Neighbours, published on February 2014 by R. J. Salley
  3. El Estado Mental: Encontrar una casa article at the cultural website El Estado Mental about the Making neighbourhood project continuity, published on May 2014 by C. Fibla (in spanish)
  4. L’Independent: Els CVG, sota la lent de l’objectiu new at the local newspaper L’Independent de Gràcia on July 2014, by P. Solanas (in catalan)
  5. Vida Verde: audio podcast of the RNE (national Spanish radio) program Vida Verde with interview to Jiwar residents, November 2014, by P. Sampietro (in spanish)
  6. L’independent: Artistes internacionals presenten a Gràcia un treball sobre les relacions de veïnatge (page 12) new at the local newspaper L’Independent de Gràcia from December 2014 about the second edition of the Making neighbourhood project, by C. Roca (in catalan)