Within the framework of the project “Building neighborhoods” 4 Julia Salgueiro, a Brazilian artist based in Barcelona, developed her sound and performance project “Superimposed Realities: Resonating Alteriades”, from which she established a set of speeches, perspectives and contexts based on the written papers that over the last few years have been found on the ground in public spaces of the city. These documents, fragments, notes, forgotten, thrown in the trash, lost, etc. they have been the creative material from which the artist herself has played, depersonalizing the most committed in a performance that was made on January 13, 2017 in the Office of Attention to the Citizen of Gràcia, an emblematic space of official and rigid identities.

The project Building Neighborhoods receives support from the Interculturality program of the Barcelona City Council. To know more: https://goo.gl/LIYX1n